Phone specially designed for older people to connect with their loved ones are called senior cell phones. They have all the qualities to entertain seniors to kill boredom.

Senior cell phones plans:

Cell phones are not used by the young generation only. According to a recent survey, about seventy-five percent of elder people are having smart phones. There are many cell phones and smartphones specially designed for seniors. These phones have a function one-touch SOS Button. Such cell phones give seniors several features of safety and entertainment. There are many health apps available that help seniors monitor their blood pressure and record their health conditions. There are also tools for medication reminders that also increase patient compliance. They can maintain their social connections outside the country with their friends and family members as there are special packages for seniors to call. Also, video games on smartphones are not only for kids, seniors can also play video games to entertain themselves.

Factors to consider while buying a cell phone for seniors:

There are many top-rated cell phone plans for seniors but before buying you must consider these points:

  • First of all, you need to know that which phone is comfortable for you to use, whether it is a smartphone or a simple flip phone. The flip phone will only let you call but a smartphone can give you options for several apps.
  • You need a smartphone with large storage space if you want to save photos, music, and apps. Some smartphones such as Android smartphone gives you the option to insert SD card to make the storage bigger. On the other hand, simple cellphones have limited options, so you can buy them if you are only interested in talking and texting.
  • Contracts are beneficial too but prepaid gives you the freedom to do anything everywhere you can. Prepaid is cheaper as compare to contracts because they have cancellation fees and many more.
  • Cameras of smartphones have high quality as compare to flip phones and other simple phones. If you are fond of taking pictures and recording videos you should always go for a smartphone.
  • Seniors who want to make a video call with their family living abroad should buy smartphones with good quality cameras.
  • Basic phones that are specifically designed for seniors have many features that smartphones don’t have such as a one-touch emergency button, large dial pads, and address books. Just have a look at all the features you most want to use and make a wise decision before buying a cell phone.

Benefits of Senior Cell phone: (1)

Recent statistics show the rising trend of cell phones among seniors. They are keeping themselves social and up to date. Here are some benefits that cell phones can provide to the elderly.

  1. Assist with an emergency.

When people grow old they are at higher risk of suffering from any health complications. From falls to heart attack and strokes they are always at risk. With the help of a smartphone or basic cell phone on their side, they can call their relatives for instant help. It is an asset that proves to be a lifesaver. There are apps installed in smartphones that will tell you that there is something wrong and you should call immediately.

  1. Monitor everyday health:

From monitoring blood pressure to pulse count, simple and easy apps are installed in smartphones that can be used every day. Such tools help seniors to keep an eye on their medical condition.

  1. Keep them social:

In older times, seniors stay connected to their loved ones by call or text only but now they can stay connected with Skype, face time and video calls on WhatsApp, and many more. Staying social with older age is difficult but senior cell phone plans have made it easier to stay social.

  1. Provide entertainment:

Now smartphones are much more advanced in games, movies, or music. They are not only devices for video calls. Almost all smartphones now offer an extra entertaining app for the elderly to kill boredom.

  1. Offer peace of mind:

It is also beneficial for children who leave their parents alone and went abroad to study or do a job. Such smartphones and cell phones can help them with peace of mind as they can stay connected talking to them. Same it also gives peace of mind to the elderly if they are at risk of any disease; they can call medical assistance immediately and inform their relatives.

Top providers and cost of senior cell phone plans: (2)

Here is the list of top providers of senior cell phone plan:

  1. T- Mobile

This plan gives unlimited talk, data, and texts. It has a variety of features like you can use data free in Canada and Mexico plus it also gives you in-flight Wi-Fi, free Netflix, and weekly discounts and giveaways.

Price: $27.50 to $45


  • Unlimited call, text, and data with every plan
  • Inexpensive rates
  • Customizable features
  • Hotspot data
  • Extra perks
  • Variety of options in the senior plan
  • Taxes and fees are mostly included in the plan
  • Keep your current number and phone
  • Senior-friendly models are also available


  • Maximum two lines per plan
  • Data may be slower during peak times.
  1. JitterBug

It is the most recognized provider of senior cell phone plans. If you simply want to make a call or you want to use additional features this provider always has a solution for you.

Price: $20 to $$50


  • No contracts required
  • Low initial phone calls
  • Five-star urgent response on every phone
  • To help you with medication and health management, packages are available
  • Instant access to Lyft service.


  • This service is available to GreatCall plans only
  • They have limited features as compare to other carriers
  • They have limited phone modes to choose
  1. AT & T

It is aimed to offer nation plans for seniors above 65. They give 200 free minutes to call at any time.

Price: $29.99 to $40


  • Senior nation plan available for plus 65
  • Unlimited prepaid call available
  • AARP discounts are available
  • Can bring own phone that is unlocked


  • Long term contracts are very costly to cancel
  • These plans don’t include data or text.