An attorney is a qualified member of a valid profession who appears in the court on behalf of his client during pleading or securing the case. Attorney is another word used for lawyers in the United States.

Different types of lawyers: (1)

Every profession has its value and demand. There are different types of lawyers with different careers; you can choose any career that suits you the most.

Immigration lawyer:

These lawyers help people who are facing issues in getting their visas, green cards, and issues in becoming a citizen of the United States. People who are seeking asylum and appealing for deportation go to an immigration lawyer for help. They also assist foreign investors or companies to register in the United States.

Government lawyer:

These lawyers work for the government as the name shows. They serve the government working as a council at their state, county, federal or municipal platform. They work similar to the private lawyer but they deal with government matters. A government lawyer focuses on harassment matters, wrongful death, and eminent domain.

Military lawyer:

They are also called JAGs JUDGE ADVOCATE GENERALS. They deal with the matters of military members in the United States including AIR FORCE, NAVY, MARINES, and also with other branches of the military in criminal and civil cases.

The military attorney only practices law in the military courtroom. They also deal with the cases brought to the court of United States for appeal of army forces. Proceeding of military attorney includes Review of military, court-martial, and inquiry of military court.

Criminal lawyer:

Being a criminal lawyer you can work as a public defense lawyer, prosecutor, or private defense attorney. Criminal attorneys deal with the cases of clients who had commit crimes, criminal lawyer will help them in proceeding with bail, pleas, arrest, and sentencing.

Civil rights lawyer

They handle the cases of individuals whose rights had been violated by the state or any other authority. These lawyers assured the rights of any individual to FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, RELIGION, PRIVACY, SPEECH, and PRESS. Circumstances that will be handled by these lawyers are CIVIL LIBERTIES, HUMAN RIGHTS, VOTING RIGHTS, HARASSMENT, and DISCRIMINATION RIGHTS established on GENDER, RACE, SEX, AGE, NATIONAL ORIGIN, MENTAL OR PHYSICAL DISABILITY, SEXUAL ORIENTATION and many more.

Traffic or DUI lawyer

If anyone is arrested for DUI ( driving under the influence) or DWI that is driving while intoxicated, then they need the services of traffic or DUI/ DWI lawyer. He will help the clients by applying for bail, entering in the pleas, and defending the case in the court on behalf of the client from the initial to the final phase.

Estate planning lawyer:

Estate planning lawyer deals with the wills and trusts of the client in drafting and executing. They also plan and manage the estate of their clients. If you are practicing this law, make sure you follow all the instructions of your client regarding the letter of trust. Such lawyers also guide their clients about RETIREMENT PLANS and BENEFITS, INSURANCES, and how to contribute to charities. If there is any dispute on the estate of a deceased person, such a lawyer will be responsible for pleading the case in court.

Bankruptcy lawyer:

If any company or any individual is insolvent, a bankruptcy lawyer has to guide them about their eligibility for bankruptcy. He will prepare their documents and represent them in court on behalf of his client. For the best interest of the client, he will advise them about when to file and what type of bankruptcy is best to run after. They also represent their clients for filing and documentation for bankruptcy. If you are a bankruptcy lawyer you have to work with debtors and creditors for filing the paperwork associated with bankruptcy.

Intellectual property lawyer

These lawyers help their clients with matters related to copyright, patent, and trademarks.

Personal injury lawyer:

They are specialist in providing compensation of anyone got injured at the property of the third party or due to negligence of another party. They also deal with the injury of employees who got injured at the workplace. They deal with the accident cases that happen due to the carelessness of another person. They help the employees in earning their compensation from the company if they got injured at the workplace.

Employment or Labour lawyer:

Such lawyers help employers and employees if anyone of them breaches the contract. Mostly, people hire them for counseling or negotiating the case. Cases involved are:

  • Benefit of employees
  • Standard of wage and overtime
  • Rights of privacy
  • Termination of employment
  • Sexual harassment at the workplace
  • Compensation for workers
  • Safety at workplace
  • Discrimination in the workplace, based on sex, religion, age, color, ancestry, and other similar to these.

Family and divorce lawyer:

Lawyers of this category deal with the cases of child custody, divorce or separation, support of child, legitimacy, adoption, domestic abuse, and many cases similar to these.

Contract lawyer:

They help their clients in preparing the draft and legally documenting the contracts. They also assist in issues related to contracts, negotiations, and breach of contract from any party.

General practice lawyer

These lawyers are all-rounder, as they help in cases relevant to all cases mentioned above it can be civil litigation, criminal case, family issue, injury case, real estate, or any kind of matter. They are experts in their job so they can handle a variety of cases.

Different types of lawyers with salaries: (2)

Personal injury lawyer: earns an average of 73,000 dollars annually

Real estate attorney: earns an average of 118,000 dollars annually

Bankruptcy lawyer: earns an average of 113,000 dollars annually

Intellectual property lawyer: earns an average of 163,000 dollars annually

Corporate lawyer: earns an average of 66,000 dollars to 170.000 dollars annually

Immigration lawyer salary: earns an average of 80,000 dollars to 85,000 dollars annually

General practice lawyer income: earns an average of 118,000 dollars per year

Contract lawyer salary: earns an average of 91,000 dollars per year

Worker’s compensation lawyer salary: earns an average of 72,000 dollars per year

Tax attorney salary: earns an average of 96,000 dollars per year

Family lawyer salary: earns an average of 48,000 dollars to 80,000 dollars annually

Criminal lawyer salary: earns an average of 45,000 dollars to 130,000 dollars per year