Streaming service is an over-the-top service provided by the internet to viewers. Satellite TV platforms, broadcast, OTT bypass cable are companies that act as distributors or controllers of this content. (1)


Streaming services distribute media content like sporting events, comedy specials, concerts, shows, series, or movies on the internet. It is opposite to downloading media content in the hard drive. With streaming, one can watch the content as it comes on the internet. Unlike satellite or cable, people can have charge on what to watch or when to watch their favourite show.


Almost 200 service providers are there who ensure the availability of media content after a subscription. They offer sporting events, shows, movies or more, either live or on demand. Streaming services are famous globally due to their convenient use and affordability. It is appropriate for cord cutters who want to eliminate the inconvenience of paying cable bills.


On-demand streaming video

Hulu and Netflix are globally famous subscription-based providers. They offer SVOD (streaming video on demand) services. A user has to pay a monthly fee to access a large variety of contents. These services also offer initial free trials. A user can have various options, such as laptops, smartphone, or tablets to watch shows and movies. SVOD can be subscription-based like Netflix or pay-per-view such as YouTube.

Live streaming

It allows an individual to watch online shows at actual time. Famous options for live contents include local and news coverage, gaming events, comedy specials, sporting events, concerts and more. Sling TV and YouTube live are famous live streaming service providers. Mostly these providers are subscription-based and provides DVR options and channels too.

Choosing best streaming service

There is a good news that a person can pick multiple streaming services at a time. It all depends upon the budget and the content of interest. Netflix is not audience -specific and provides diverse range of contents. HBO max is an alternate of Netflix. It not only shows top-tier movies but also adds the greatest, the latest and the prestigious TV series like The Outsider and Watchman.

List of streaming services (2)


It offers solid performance, top-notch features of DVR, and a diverse array of channels. It is best fit for cord cutters. Some streaming services feature original or on-demand content, while other replace cable subscription. YouTube follows the later strategy, offering 80 above channels of entertainment, sports, and news in just one package. Moreover, it integrates DVR features as well as supports plentiful platforms. Despite its expensive cost, it gives the excellent combination of streaming specs and channels.


  • Tremendous line-up of entertainment channels, news, and sports.
  • Robust and convenient DVR features
  • Intuitive interface
  • Supports broad platform


  • Lacks bally sports RSNs and most Sports Net
  • Only Basic options for parental control are available


  • Starting price is $64.99 per month
  • DVR storage is unlimited with retention of 9 months
  • 3 concurrent streams
  • Provide regional and national sports coverage
  • Offers On-demand TV shows and movies
  • 4K live streams are unavailable


One can depend on Hulu for streaming classic and new shows and TV on almost every platform. Among other streaming services, it is a preferred choice. Differentiation is important when there comes competition among streaming services. It is continuously offering option for robust live TV as well as solid on-demand streaming content. People prefer it due to its vast platform support. It delivers diverse array of popular TV shows. The channel coverage of Hulu is top-notch and Hulu’s DVR features give a tough competition. Despite some lacking, it still keeps Editor’s choice award due to its remarkable library of streaming contents.


  • Excellent TV series selection
  • Excellent line-up of liv channels
  • Option for robust cloud DVR is available
  • Available on almost all streaming devices


  • Ads interruption in on-demand plans
  • Feature for offline downloading is only available in premium account
  • In comparison to competitors, it has less high-quality originals
  • Lacks most Sports Net


  • Initials prices start from $5.99 per month to $64.99 per month
  • Concurrent streams are available at 3 mobile devices and unlimited at home
  • Anime availability
  • Live TV availability
  • Original programming availability
  • On-demand TV shows and movies are available
  • Ads availability
  • Offline downloading availability


Despite high cost, it is one of the best streaming services due to its wide collection of movies and TV shows. It was initiated as a niche offshoot of disc-mailing service of the company, and now due to its an excellent original programming and reliable catalogue, it is leading the category. It integrates tremendous features worldwide, provide 4K content features, and allows feature for offline downloading. Due to capable apps, top-notch varied contents and on-demand streaming services, it remains an Editor’s choice.


  • Provides online programming with high quality
  • Provides streaming free of ads
  • Excellent features and apps
  • Allows offline downloading feature on mobile platform


  • Costly
  • Does not provide initial free trials


  • Starting price is $8.99 per month
  • 1,2 or 4 concurrent streaming is possible
  • Anime availability
  • No ads interruption
  • No Live TV
  • Original programming availability
  • On-demand TV shows and movies are available
  • Offline downloads are available on mobiles

Amazon Prime

It hosts various prestige streaming contents as well as supports tremendously technical capabilities including offline downloads and 4K HDR streaming. After subscribing multiple streaming services, one can remain updated with latest movies and series. The growing library of Amazon Prime provides high quality original programming. It also possesses a beautiful collection of TV shows and movies. Options for offline downloads and 4K titles are available. It also offers a good catalogue of media content on purchase or rent.


  • Remarkable original content
  • HDR and 4K streaming
  • Supports Audio description, profiles of multiple viewers, and offline downloads
  • TV shows and movies are available on rent


  • Few high-quality shows
  • Losing third-party contents to various services


  • Initial cost is $8.99 per month
  • 3 concurrent streams
  • No ads
  • No Live TV
  • On-demand TV shows and movies are available
  • Offline downloading is available on mobile
  • Original programming availability
  • Anime availability