These vehicles are specially designed and made for living and accommodation. In these RVs, all the necessities of life are present such as Bed, sofa, kitchen, and well-organized spaces like living quarters.

Benefits of RV:

Recreational Vehicles travel is well known and famous business in the United States. There are so many advantages while traveling through the RV such as:

  • Travel through RV is Cheaper in which you don’t need to pay for hotels, airfares, and restaurant meals. The RV rent starts from $55 for small vehicle and $125 for large vehicles with extra spaces.
  • It’s a tremendous opportunity to get connected with the nature and explore the different colours of the world.
  • This facility helps you to get closer to your loved ones especially after retirement.

Top Rated RVs: (1)

The other name of RV is Home on a wheel. RV manufacturer is always keen to provide best quality of vehicles that serve their buyers for a lifetime. These vehicles are much expensive because of the interior design and built-in with necessary home appliances. In the vehicle market, there are so many manufacturers and brands that are providing the best quality luxurious RV to stay in the competition. According to the market research and on the basis of customer feedback nine most pioneers and well-established manufacturers are given below:

  1. Airstream (2)

This Company is famous among the oldest RV manufacturer; they put their hard work every year and come up with new and luxurious designs to stay in the market. With the technology advancement, customer’s demands are upgrading and airstream is completely successful in fulfilling their demands. Airstream’s strategy is to maintain the functions that help their potential customer with every facility.  If you look at the models of the airstream from the beginning you will be amazed that they cover all the aspects of life that a customer wants, that is why the airstream product never gets old-fashioned. One of the special fixtures of the airstream is that it provides wide window frames at the sides that give the travelers great exposure to the outside scenes that never get them bored and congested in a vehicle.

The price of the classical trailer of full size in which five persons can easily live and sleep without any disturbance is available for 139 thousand dollars. And Nest star basic Recreational vehicle price starts from 45 thousand dollars.

  1. Dutchmen Brands:

This is another excellent brand that makes Dutchmen RV and it is also working under different brands that provide them with services of best quality products. These brands are as follows:

  • Dutchmen themselves: they are the best providers of travel trailers, expandable, fifth wheels, and toy haulers. Travel trailers are under the belt of this brand and they are providing best quality vehicles that are fully furnished and built-in with so many home appliances. The interior quality is made of supreme aluminium covering with sensor technology. In this category these vehicles serve for families especially couples for the honeymoon sights and picnics, these are very light weighted vehicles as well so you can move it where you want to. The price of new model of the DUTCHMEN KODIAK 2021 starts from $37,955 for living of seven people.
  • Aerolite: It is a brand that makes RVs under the umbrella of the Dutchmen brand and well known for its precious floor plans. The name aerolite suggesting that it is the travel trailers with lightweight that provides good towing capacity. There are around 10 top floor options available and each floor maintains a standard living of high-quality. The latest Dutchmen Aerolite 2019 cost you 28 thousand dollars for maximum 3 persons.
  1. Forest River Brand:

Forest River brand is like Dutchmen that also work independently and they are owners of many other brands which are specialized in making beautiful RV for people who are fond of traveling to long distance places. These companies are as follows:

  • Coachmen: This Company is functional under the forest river since 2008, and is famous for making excellent models of RV for the recent 50 years. The price for the Coachmen Freedom Express model 2020 withs pace of three people sleeping is available at $26,999.(2)
  • Rockwood: This Company is also known for its high-quality luxurious travel trailers and fifth wheel. The vehicles of Rockwood offer different floor plans such as Ultra-Lite, Rockwood Roo, Mini late, Geo pro.The price of 2021 Rockwood Ultra-Lite for 5 people living space is available at 48 thousand dollars whereas, the Geo pro is available at $10,999 with a capacity of two-person.
  1. JAYCO: This Company gives excellent features with a 2-year warranty because they know what they are delivering to their customers, Jayco has the edge over other companies in giving warranty of their vehicles, which help Jayco to catch maximum market share.
    1. The company hires four tenets to maintain and they do not compromise on the quality of their vehicles. These tenets include quality assurance, construction, engineering, and industry-leading warranty. They value their customers and their needs up to the satisfaction level. They give guide to their customers to buy the best RV that suits them according to their preferences. Model name as Jayco Jay Fight 2021 with living area of five people is available at price between 22-23 thousand dollars.(2)
  1. NEWMAR: This Company was founded by two siblings named Marvin newcomer and Marvin Miller; both were fond of traveling with RV. Both decided to work on it as they themselves were very passionate about RV and its new design. So they try to provide people with the best RV because they know what people needs and demand in RV. They designed homes for the customers in a bus that they can drive on long roads from city to city and explore nature with their family and friends. The specialty of Newmar RV is that these vehicles are designed in bus style and you don’t need to buy an extra vehicle to move your RV that is why the prices of Newmar are high. The price of Newmar Bay star model 2012 is 75 thousand dollars in which 4 people can sleep and these vehicles are available in used condition only.