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Category: Auto

A Brief Review on Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are the future and every year, automakers are adding more electric cars to their lineup. From well-established vehicle brands to new brands, everyone is paying attention to electric vehicles. What are electric...

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All You Need to Know About Minivans

Minivan is a car classification that was first established in North America. It is designed to give rides to passengers. The imitation of a minivan in Europe is known as Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV). Body shape The body...

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Facts to Know Before Buying a Pickup Truck

A pickup or a pickup truck is a light-duty truck. Its manufacturing design has an open cargo, enclosed cabin, andtailgate. Alternative terms for pickup trucks (1) Pickup trucks are known as Utes in Australia and New Zealand....

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Compare, Discover and Select the Best SUV of 2021

It is a car that has the features of performing in and off the road by its four wheel drive and has sufficient luggage space. In the United States, SUVs categorize as “Light trucks” because of its high engine performance and...

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