A pool is a structure that is designed to hold the water in it for swimming or other water activities. Pools can be built in the ground or underground, as per needs and preferences.

Different Types of pools (1)

Building a pool in the backyard is the ideal way to upgrade it. According to the design a pool can be used as the zone for family fun, a training area for swimmers, or a relaxing retreat. The cost of a pool depends upon the size and shape of the pool you select. If you are planning for a pool always consider the valid points about types as an in-ground pool or above ground pool before you invest in it. Remember all types of pools are not allowed in every region. Follow all the construction guidelines before the construction. Every option for a pool has its advantages and disadvantage. Consideration should be noted that could factor your decision.

  1. Above ground pools

In general, it is the most economical type of pool that you should consider. Above ground pools can easily sit on the surface of your backyard, they are surrounded by a patio or deck to hold the water. Most construction of above-ground pools is done with ALUMINIUM, RESINS, and STEEL SLIDING with VINYL LINERS. As DIY projects you can assemble or de assembles this kind of pool. Many retailers offer pools with delivery and installation also. These types of pools are ideal for the backyard having limited space. Above ground, pools come in pieces you can easily carry to the site of the pool to assemble it.

Advantages of above ground pools:

  • They are less expensive and easier to build
  • These versions of the pool are the most affordable type
  • Some structures of pools are temporary so you can take them with you if you move
  • It is available in many shapes and sizes and they are suitable for little yards
  • Above ground, pools are easier in assembling and disassembling

Disadvantages of above ground pools:

Consider these pools if you are deciding to invest in above ground pools:

  • They are limited in design offered by the manufacturers
  • It is difficult to disguise a pool in the landscape but patios and deck can help to blend in the yard.
  • The lifespan of these yards is not as long as in-ground pools.
  • Vinyl liners need replacement every five years
  1. In-ground pools

They are the permanent structures of pools that can be built into the landscape directly. Several varieties of in-ground pools are available such as CONCRETE, VINYL LINERS, and FIBERGLASS. The most common type is vinyl liner pools. The contractor will work according to your instructions. For strength and flexibility, materials of the best grade are chosen.

Fiberglass pools:

Usually, manufacturers made it in one piece and deliver it. This type of pool is more flexible as compare to concrete-type pools. It is reliable to make in areas that are prone to earthquakes. Panel pools of fiberglass are constructed on the site and it gives a more flexible design.

Concrete pools:

These pools are the most expensive pools that can be constructed on the site according to the desired design and size. The coating is done with material like Pebble Tec and finishes with plaster paint are done.

Vinyl liner pools:

These pools are constructed with panel walls that can be fastened together and set on the concrete foundation. The vinyl liner that is customized will cover the whole pool.

Advantages of in-ground pool

In the ground, pools are customizable according to desired design and size. You can style your dream pool as well. The main advantages of in-ground pools are:

  • They can be designed to fit in any size and shape and fulfil your requirements such as swimming for fitness and diving, relaxing, etc.
  • They are easy to design in the landscape
  • Several accessories and features are available like slides, boards for diving, water fountains, water games, and lighting, etc.

Disadvantages of in-ground pools:

Some downsides of in-ground pools are:

  • They are costly to build
  • Duration of construction is also lengthy
  • As the surface of the water is near to ground level, it poses a greater risk for kids and pets to fall in.

Cost for installation of a swimming pool: (2)

It can cost you from 1,500 dollars to 65,000 dollars to install the pool. If you need additional features like a waterfall and lagoon-style pools it might cost you 100,000 dollars. Your cost greatly depends on the type you choose.

In-ground concrete: 35,000 dollars to 100,000 dollars including material and labor

In-ground fiberglass: 20,000 dollars to 60,000 dollars including material and labor

In-ground vinyl liner: 20,000 dollars to 50,000 dollars including material and labor

Above ground: 1,500 dollars to 15,000 dollars including material and labor

Cocktail or spool: 20,000 dollars to 25,000 dollars including material and labor

Lap pools: 40,000 dollars yo 60,000 dollars including material and labour

Plunge pools: 20,000 dollars to 25,000 dollars including material and labour

Endless pools: 23,000 dollars to 25,000 dollars including material and labour

Hot tub or spa: 3,500 dollars to 36,000 dollars including material and labour

Best pool installation companies of 2021

Premier pools and spas:

  • It is the best company overall
  • It was established in 1988, since then this company has installed more than 60,000 pools in the U.S
  • They offer services including from designing to the maintenance of pools
  • It has a stellar rating
  • They are expert in building in-ground pools of all types
  • From freeform pool designs to classic pool design they offer all types of pool styles
  • They charge you roughly from 20,000 dollars to 50,000 dollars for an in-ground pool

Blue heaven pools and spas:

  • It is the best company nationwide
  • In the last twenty-five years, they have constructed more than 90,000 pools across the nation.
  • They offer pool building, renovation for pools, and up-gradation for commercial and residential properties.
  • They construct with smart features that make the pool easier to maintain
  • They offer loans that you directly pay at their website

California pools:

  • They are best for customization
  • They have built more than 70,000 pools in the market
  • From waterfall to fireplace they offer a variety of pools
  • If you a pool in the house already they also offer renovation and bring your pool to the next level



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