Playgrounds or play areas are created specifically for children’s amusement. These areas also have equipment that provides endless fun and joy for children.

Playground equipment

Various equipment are installed in play areas of resorts, schools, restaurants, parks, family dwellings, institutions, childcare facilities, recreational developments, and other public areas. Such equipment includes trapeze rings, spring rider, sandbox, chin-up bars, jungle gym, slide, swing set, merry-go-round, seesaw, mazes and playhouses.

Benefits of playground equipment (1)

  • This equipment provides children flexibility, strength and physical coordination. They also promote enjoyment and recreation, emotional support and cognitive development. Challenging, engaging and exciting playground equipment is significant for children’s happiness along with the development of their learning abilities.
  • These should be installed according to the age groups of children. For instance, specific playground equipment is needed for pre-school or nursery children that would help them in understanding vocabulary and basic numeracy.
  • They build the creativity and imagination of a child.
  • Sensory play panels play an important role in the development of the senses of a child. It provides various ways to promote cognitive tactile, and language skills.
  • Pulse interactive games challenge eye/hand coordination and spatial awareness. These games also encourage physical development.
  • In swing, back-and-forth movement gives CNS a wealth of proprioceptive, vestibular, and visual stimulation. A child also learns to measure the effort required to decrease or increase the speed.
  • Multi-dimensional movements such as rotating and spinning supply a child’s brain complex, valuable vestibular information. It connects body posture in space with the command from the brain and helps a child in maintaining body balance and posture while playing.
  • Sliding involves various senses such as proprioception, tactile, and vestibular. Horizontal rolling allows deep pressure, tactile and proprioception stimulation, and challenges body strength.
  • Overhead ladder and rope climber enhances the gross motor skills of a child. These also help a child in developing core strength, lower body, and upper body. Such equipment also enhances cardiovascular health, hand-eye coordination, balance and agility.
  • Climber promotes the problem-solving skills of a child. A child figures out and physically navigatethe parts of climbing equipment.

Top brands and manufacturers of playground equipment (2)

There are several manufacturers of playground equipment who specialize in themed play structures, affordable play structures, large playground, inclusive play, design of the playground, and environmentally comfortable playground for kids of all ages and capabilities. Each brand has invested in the designing of outdoor equipment, their manufacturing, and installation in the playgrounds.


GameTime is a famous designer and manufacturer of commercial playground equipment. It works with parks and schools, recreational professionals and youth organizations to develop recreation solutions for everyone. It has enriched the lives of communities and children with playground equipment, fitness equipment, and play spaces.


BigToys has been a leading industry for over 40 years in manufacturing playground equipment that fosters imagination, preserves the environment, and creates a strong community. It uses recyclable material to manufacture its products. It collects empty milk jugs, melts and molds them into planks which are then used to construct enclosures, decks and roofs.

Freenotes Harmony Park

It designs and manufactures the finest quality and innovative outdoor musical instruments, which are sustainable and durable. It was invented by a musician Richard Cooke, who was a Grammy award winner. The musical instrument are accessible to people of any age with or without musical experience. While it is motivating, emotional, and uplifting, studies reveal several benefits of playing and listening to music. It imparts many positive effects such as the development of motor skills, relaxation from stress, and anxiety reduction.

Play and park structures

It believes in manufacturing exciting and innovative playground sets that encourage creativity and imagination, while enhancing healthy child growth and development. Since 1976, its mission has been focused in manufacturing budget-friendly playground products.

Playcraft Systems

For over 25 years, playcraft has been creating engaging and exciting playground equipment. Based on innovative design, state-of-the-art techniques, and sustainable materials, this brand is creating unmatched playground equipment in the industry.

Superior Recreational Products

It has spent almost 3 decades acquiring equipment that helps children to relax, play, and live. This brand provides its services to religious organizations, recreation departments, and parks.


The playground equipment of UltraPlay has been developed self-installed play systems, which are compliant, affordable, and quick shipping solutions. Its playground products meet standards of commercial ASTM and CPSC guidelines regarding quality of product and safety of the equipment.

Best playground equipment and prices

Kids creation redwood grandstand swingset

This set includes three swings, a playhouse zone, a green-colored plastic slide and a ladder. It is made with natural redwood.


Its price is $3259.99

Step2 Clubhouse Climber

It includes stairs leading to a playhouse, porthole, steering wheel, crawling space and a slide.


Its price is $830.81

Swing-N-Slide Grandview twist complete swing set

This set features a rock-climbing wall, two slides, two swings, a glider swing, monkey bars, an open deck, and a play deck. The slides are manufactured from UV-resistant and durable plastic.


Its price is $2039.99.

lifetime monkey bar adventure swing set

There is a trapeze bar having gym rings, 3 belt swings, a fire pole, and a wavy slide in this set. UV protection, dense polyethylene, and powder-coated steel make it a durable product.


Its price is $1889.82.

Legendary coloredrope swing with platforms

It is for children weighing up to 120 pounds. It is an exciting means of developing core muscles and maintaining balance. It consists of a Polyethylene braided rope with a disk that is used to swing or spin.


Its price is $37.73.

Grab and spin

It is an entire enthusiastic and new dimension to kids who like spinning equipment. It seems to be a flying trapeze where children can glide safely and spin.


Its price is $97.58.


It is a safe and durable scaled-down type of classic one having seats. It is appropriate for kids between ages 3-8 years and can accommodate a maximum of 4 children.


Playground equipment can be purchased from nearby stores. These are also availableonline at various websites such as Amazon.