It is an electronic device that manipulates the data or information and can store, process, and retrieve the data from one place to another. Typically, you can type documents, play games, or browse the web on a computer.

Hardware and software:

Before we talk about the different types of computers let’s discuss two main things we will see in every computer. That is:

  • Hardware
  • Software


It is the physical part of any computer that you can see and touch like a keyboard and mouse. Internal parts of the computer are also included in the hardware.


It is a set of instructions that give the command to hardware what task to do and how to do that. Examples of software are games, web, and word processors.

Everything you do on a computer depends on the hardware and software. For instance, you are watching this article in software while you move from one page to another using mouse or keyboard is the hardware of the computer.

Different types of computer: (1)

When anyone hears about the computer they think about personal computers and laptop computers. However, computers are available in many different sizes and shapes and the function of these computers also varies. The computer performs different functions in our daily routine. When you withdraw your money from an ATM, use a calculator or scan your groceries at any store, they all are different types of computers.

Desktop computer:

Desktop computers are mostly used at home, schools, and offices. They are designed to place on the desk as the name shows. Desktop computers are made up of different parts of computers that are CPU, monitor, mouse, and keyboard. Speakers and printers can also be attached with the computers as per need.

Laptop computers:

The most familiar type of computer is the laptop computers. Mostly known as a laptop. Laptops have a built-in keyboard and touchpad as a mouse. Laptops are battery-powered and they can be used after charging, while desktop computers need a power supply to run. Laptops are easy to carry in a bag as compare to a desktop computer and you take them with you where you want to.

Tablet computers:

Tablet computers are easier to handle and are more portable as compare to laptops. A touch-sensitive screen is enabled for typing and navigation instead of a keyboard and mouse. An example of a tablet is the iPad.


It is the computer that serves information on the network to other computers. Whenever you search for something on the computer it is all stored in the server. To share the files internally and use server of local many businesses use the server.

Other types of computers:

Now electronics are usually based on computers. When we look at them we don’t even think about the computer but some examples are as follows:

  • Smartphone: smartphones are a more advanced form of computers. They can do things the same as computers like you can browse the internet, play video games, and write on word and many more. As they work smart they are known as smartphones.
  • Wearables: smartwatches and fitness trackers are small wearable computer devices. They are designed to be worn all day. They are usually called wearables because they are short.
  • Game consoles: it is a special type of computer that is used to play video games on television.
  • TVs: now TVs have applications installed in them that allow you to search for things online via the internet. You can also connect your smartphone’s device via screen-sharing. You can directly stream video on a TV with access to the internet.

PCs and Macs

Two main styles of computers are available one is PC and another one is called Mac. They have different looks but both are fully functional. Some prefer PC over Mac while some prefer Mac over PC.


This type of computer was first introduced in 1981 with the IBM PC. A computer similar to IBM PC was introduced by different companies. Now it is mostly called PC. It is the most common personal computer and it operates with the Operating system of Microsoft Windows. These computers are mostly used at home, school, and offices.


It is also called the Macintosh computer that was introduced in 1984 for the first time. It was the first computer that was sold with GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE or GUI for personal use. Mac computers are manufactured by one company called Apple. These computers use the operating system of Mac OS X.


It is the alternative to window or MacBook and usually budget-friendly. This only works with the operating system of Google Chrome OS and that are clear that with Windows or macOS these devices won’t work. That never means that Chromebooks have no advantages over laptops. Chromebook can be used for different tasks such as internet browsing and playing video games. You can directly work with chrome but you can also download the application from the google play store. You can find the app that is best for you from the play store.

Top computer brands 2021: (2)

Apple MacBook Air (M1 2021)

Price: 949 dollars

  • It is the best laptop Apple has ever made
  • It is think and lights laptop with excellent performance
  • Incredible battery life
  • Silent to use
  • Price is competitive to Windows 10 rival like Dell
  • Have access to hundreds of mobile apps and games as well
  • Graphics are integrated with 7-core/ 8-core GPU
  • It has RAM of 8GB to 16GB
  • Storage of 256GB to 2TB SSD
  • LED-backlit display with IPS technology
  • The drawback is its fan-less design that could impact performance.

DELL XPS 15 (2020)

Price: 1,729 US dollars

  • It is one of the best DELL laptops to date
  • It has the CPU of 10th generation with intel core i5 to i7
  • It is the best Windows Laptop
  • Intel iris plus graphics
  • RAM of 8GB to 64GB
  • Storage space of 256GB to 1TB SSD
  • Eye-catching design
  • Fast performance
  • It is the most stylish DELL window 10 laptop
  • Battery life is phenomenal


  • GTX 1650 Ti is a little weak
  • A screen of 15 inches might be large for some people.

HP spectre x360 (2021)

Price: 970 US dollar

  • The model of this is brilliant with 13 inches
  • Gorgeous design
  • Excellent battery life
  • 11th generation intel core i5 to i7
  • RAM of 8 to 64GB
  • Storage space of 256GB to 2TB SSD