Types of bed by design: (1)It is a piece of furniture that is used for sleeping and relaxing at night or when a person is not feeling well. Most commonly, beds come in three different sizes that are king, queen, and single.

The design of the bed defines the actual structure and form of the bed. Here are the types of bed:

  1. Platform:

The design of this bed is styled in a way that it consists of a horizontal solid frame that is raised and level with wooden or lattices rows to support the mattress. It provides ventilation for the mattress and adequate support. This platform eliminates the need for the second mattress or a box-spring

  1. Folding:

This design allows the bed to place in a smaller space as compared to other beds. Folding beds are usually used in guest rooms or places where the bed is not required to use regularly. Some beds are folded into the wheeled form to put closets while some are folded into the cabinet that is meant to be displayed.

  1. Panel:

Panel bed is made from panels of wood that are flat and it consists of a headboard and footboard. Panel beds are styled with molding or grooves that look like traditional wood or wainscoting. Wooden rails are used to connect the footboard and headboard. Panel beds are usually offered by manufacturers in both forms- painted or finishes as wood-stained. Headboard versions are also offered by some manufacturers.

  1. Sleigh

This bed resembles a sled or sleigh due to its features of curved or scrolled heads and footboards. They are usually made of heavy wood as the style of the early 19th century of FRENCH and AMERICAN EMPIRE. Now Sleigh beds are made of various materials including iron, wood, steel, or aluminum and they don’t possess curves of headboard and footboard as before.

  1. Murphy:

They are also known as wall beds. Saving space with these beds is a unique way as these beds are framed in a way, that after tilting vertically they can store in the wall or cabinet. Small apartments usually have such kinds of beds due to the smaller area room area.

  1. Trundle:

The bed of this design consist of a bed pair one is secondary and one is standard. Casters or secondary beds can be store under the upper bed when not in need. This design is made to save space as it allows an extra bed when required without wasting the space when not in need.

  1. Adjustable:

Adjustable beds can be adjusted with the help of a fixed motor into various levels of sitting positions. If you like reading books or want to use devices or watching Television while staying on the bed you can fix yours according to the required level of sitting. This bed has both sides adjustable as you can adjust the side you want independently.

  1. Standard:

It has one metal frame where the box spring and mattresses can be fixed. It is the simplest style of bed.

  1. Santiago Bed

The design of this bed is an old-world design in which the headboard is designed with a decorative crown.

  1. DayBed

They are usually placed in common rooms and used for sleeping, reclining, lounging, and seating. Frames of this bed can be made of wood or metal or a combination of both. The shape is this bed is in between the couch, chaise, and bed.

  1. Poster:

This bed is designed with four vertical columns that are built with each corner of the bed. Sometimes these columns support the upper panel. These beds were made of carved oak but now they can be configured of any material.

  1. Canopy:

This bed is more similar to a poster bed in design. It has four posts on each corner that extends above the mattress. DECORATIVE WOOD or ORNATE DESIGN is draped between the upper space that creates the look like ceiling or canopy that covers the upper space.

  1. Bunk Bed

No one buys this bed for their adult bedrooms but they do buy it for their kids’ room, and this is the great idea of saving space. Plus, kids love this kind of bed. These beds are also used in hostels for students. Types of bund beds are loft-style and i-shaped with desks and chairs.

  1. Futon:

This is also a space-saving bed. A variety of sizes and styles are available in futons like a small futon, large futon, and huge futons. It is very expensive but worth buying as it can be used as a setting for guests. Futons are widely used and loved by Americans.

Top brand mattresses 2021 (2)

Best and branded mattresses are rated according to the customer’s choice:

Helix midnight:

  • It is a hybrid type mattress
  • It has a medium firmness
  • A 10-year warranty is available
  • It is available in all size from twin to California king
  • Promotes spinal alignment
  • It provides premium comfort at an affordable price
  • Versatile option for sleepers with medium firmness

Best for:

  • Customers who want hybrid feature foam
  • Combination sleepers
  • People with sharp pressure points

Price: price for this mattress ranges from $699 to $1,449

Nectar mattress:

  • It is a foam type mattress
  • Medium firmness
  • Lifetime warranty available
  • Available in all sizes
  • It is priced competitively
  • Moisture-wicking Tencel cover
  • Generous 365-night sleep trial.

Best for:

  • Side sleepers who need cushioning on foam
  • Customers looking for bang for the buck
  • Customers who need a full-year sleep trial.

Price: price for this mattress is affordable and ranges from $499 to $999


Saatva classic

  • Mattress type is innerspring
  • From soft to medium firmness is available
  • A 15-year warranty is available
  • Sizes available from twin to split cal king
  • It has a patented spinal zone technology that helps in the alignment of the spine
  • It has a coil in coil design that is breathable and gives a cool sleep
  • It has a Plush Euro pillow on top that provides relief of pressure
  • Contouring support

Best for:

  • It is best for customers who want a bouncy feel with innerspring
  • People who sleep hot
  • Customers who want free installation

Price: price ranges from $849 to $2,099.



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