It is a category of women’s clothing that includes lightweight robes, sleepwear, and undergarments. The word selection indicates that garments are fashionable, alluring, or both. (1)

Best stores of Lingerie (2)

Like purchasing other undergarments, shopping for lingerie is also a personal experience. Variations in style make it difficult to buy comfortable and appealing lingerie. Some women like more dandy and funky lingerie whereas some feel comfortable with the simple ones. Some top stores to buy lingerie are as follows:

  1. Journelle

This famous store contains multiple luxurious brands of lingerie along with their range of underpinnings. Most women considered this store as a one-and-done site for purchasing lingerie. It offers both online and in-person purchases. It’s offering range includes Spanx Shapewear, Fleur of England chemises, silk pajamas, bridal sets, and more. While the store carries multiple brands, it also offers its span of intimates. Some of the main articles of this store are:

  • JournelleValentina Boudoir Bra costing $184.
  • Journelle Doris Lace Bodysuit costing $92
  • Journelle Tailor Hipster costing $55
  1. Cosabella

Since 1983, it has been offering a wide range of luxurious and well-crafted lingerie. Every piece is hand-crafted and the creation of a single thong takes up to 10 hours. It covers the variety of shape wear, robs, slips, bustier, bodysuits, panties, nursing, and training bras. Some main articles of this store are:

  • Cosabella Mesh Temptation Extended Bodysuit costing $125.50
  • Cosabella Allure Babydoll costing $130.50
  • Cosabella Ceylon Bralette costing $98.50
  1. Adore me

It is a direct-to-consumer store of lingerie. Its sole purpose is to sell fashion-forward and affordable underpinnings. It provides affordable lingerie of all sizes and shapes. Its offerings include panty sets, bra, garters, corsets, slips, and bodysuits. It provides 600+ styles of lingerie. Its panty and bra sets are getting in trend having features of sexy or sleek designs and embellishments. Major articles of this store are:

  • Adore Me Lilith costing $39.95
  • Adore Me Ella Contour Plus costing $49.95
  • Adore Me NymphadoraContour costing $44.95
  1. Eres

Some women do not like cutouts, glitters, and lace and find subtlety more appealing. This store believes in a less-is-more approach. Unlined mesh and Lace panels offer modern aesthetics of undergarments. Offerings of Eresare not only occasion-specific but can be worn in daily routine. The drawback of Eres is that it does not provide a wide range of sizes. Top articles of this store are:

  • EresOlympie Bodysuit costing $460
  • Eres Bras Sport Full-cup bra costing $340
  • EresVetiver Bodysuit costing $745
  1. Anya Lust

This store has a blend of its articles and some other brands. It focuses on the luxury and comfort of lingerie.Its offerings include silky robes, mesh teddies, and lace bras. Aside from gorgeous lingerie, this store also provides sensuality art, literature, and classes. It also offers a variety of bath products and candles. Top articles of this store are:

  • Anya Lust Chantelle Lace Robe costing $355
  • Anya Lust Oracle Fringe Bodysuit costing $175
  • Anya Lust Lace Bondage Lingerie Set costing $375

Brands of lingerie

  1. Agent provocateur

In the UK, this brand was founded in 1994and is famous for its seductive lingerie. It offers stunning and sultry styles of lingerie for all occasions. The playful nightwear of this brand can be worn on Valentine’s Day or date night or any other occasion.

  1. Versace lingerie

A woman takes Italian fashion with her by wearing Versace lingerie. Their intimates are made with bold prints and iconic Medusa Head. Women can wear their intimateswith bold prints and laces at any event and feel ultra-glam and appealing.

  1. Calvin Klein underwear

It is one of the leading brands of undergarments providing minimal styling with maximum strength. It serves women of both simple and funky preferences. The elegant and simple designs give a lady feel of being a celebrity.

  1. La Perla

It is a brand of choice for women who are looking for beautifully tailored luxurious lingerie. It is an Italian brand and has been established since 1954. It has redefined intimates for modern ladies. It ranges from simple to full embellished corsets.

  1. Savage X Fenty

Rihanna’s lingerie brand is for everyone regardless of the size and shape of women. Its undergarments are beautifully-detailed that boost confidence and honor inclusivity and fearlessness. This brand offers a variety of intimates, bodysuits, and bras.

  1. Natori

Excellent underwear not only helps to fit clothes but also gives incredible confidence. This is the reason why Natori is worth knowing the brand. The owner of this brand is Josie Cruz Natori who started creating articles on the floor of her living room and now has become hugely sort-after due to its style and comfort. The pieces are sensible, timeless, and available in a wide variety.

Best Subscriptions of lingerie

  1. Burgundy Fox

It is the best overall subscription. Subscribers can select sleep sets and lingerie and more. Through a detailed form, one can mention the style of various options such as “trendy and edgy” and “classic and cozy”.


  • Regular purchase of new undergarments
  • Available with detailed form
  • Charitable element


  • Expensive
  1. Underclub

It is well-known for its best variety. It focuses on affordability and inclusivity. It offers lace lingerie with multiple colors and thongs.


  • Provides a variety of products
  • Subscribers can access luxury brands including Commando and Natori
  • Subscribers can purchase certain products with a 70% discount


  • Has some styles that are not super luxurious
  • Beautiful bralettesdo not sell a lot.
  1. SkivvieNix

It is best known for cheekiness. Subscribers can purchase underwear with 1-month, 3-months, 6-months, and 12-months plans.


  • Interesting packaging
  • Panties are flirty and fun while being wearable
  • Availability of plan and cut selection


  • Limited offerings are available.
  1. BootayBag

It is famous for its bralettes. It provides inexpensive options of bodysuits, thongs, and cute bralettes, and more.


  • A lot of variety
  • Bralettes are the same as Lively


  • Some pieces are uncomfortable
  • Every option is restricted to the BootayBag brand.