Having dry or unhealthy air does not mean one cannot style their hair. With appropriate care and creativity, one can enjoy the new styling of healthy hair in their daily lives.

Routine care of hair

Proper care of hair is significant and a hygienic practice for women as well as men. Some factors should be considered in the daily care of hair.

Cold and warm water

Warm water should be used to wet the hair as this helps in the opening of scalp pores. This opening causes efficient cleaning of dirt from hair roots and scalp. After complete washing, cold water should be used to rinse the hair. It helps in the closing of pores and refreshes the hair and the scalp. Rubbing ice cubes on the scalp makes it healthier. The use of warm and cold water cleans excess oil, dandruff, enhances blood circulation in the head, promotes oxygen supply, and strengthens the hair.

Washing and combing hair

The inappropriate way of washing and combing hair can cause hair damage.  Incorrect combing results in dry hair and hair fall. The right times of combing are before washing them, before sleeping, and after waking up. Hair must be washed at least twice a week with shampoo less in chemicals and conditioner.

Drying hair

Use of a hair dryer to dry hair often results in split ends. Air drying or drying in sunlight are considered to be more appropriate ways. Moreover, wet hair can also be dried by gently tapping through a clean towel or brushing using fingers. Wet hair should not be wrapped in a towel for a long duration. The ways of binding hair also impacts the health of hair.

Hair masks

One must use a hair mask that is made from natural products and contains less quantity of chemicals. Some hair vitamins also give strength, moisture, and shine to the hair.

Top Women hairstyles (1)

Angled Bob

The hair is cut in a beautiful angle; short-length hair at the back and long-length at the front. Dark hair roots with warm color on endings are in trend now.

Tousled lob haircut

Lob hairstyle is the best selection when one wants flexible longer locks with glamorous edges.

60’s style

The ’60s were a time of reinvention and revolution. 60’s hairstyles are again getting trendy in 2021. These styles are less crisped with more geometry and high volume on the top back of the head.

Crimped waves

This style is made by using a curling rod. But apparently, no one can judge that the waves are created by using a curling rod.

Silver purple hair

It is a hair color that has a blend of two shades. Silver purple hair gives a chic and bold appearance. This color is a blend of tints of shimmery silver and tones of purple.

Rose brown hair

Rosy brown colored hair is in trend. It is a low-maintenance selection that adds magnitude to brown hair. However, redheads and blondes can also rock this color.

Hair clips

Sometimes hair accessories are everything to give a new loon to hair. Barrettes and clips add a chic appearance to the hairstyle. These can be worn in a crisscross manner or on the sides of the head.

Side-swept bangs

It is good news to Bang lovers that side bangs are in trend in 2021. Thus style gives highlight to features. This look is specific for those who have broad foreheads.

Top hairstyles of men (2)

Textured crop

This hairstyle is gaining momentum worldwide. The trendsetter is Europe, and then it spreads to Australia and the United States. It is much appreciated due to its quick styling and simplicity. The top shorter hair with faded sides is styled with wax or matte pomade.

Quiff haircut

This haircut remains a sleek and fashionable choice for any guy. In this style, a guy carries extra lengthy hair on the top and fades on the sides. The final perfect requires extensive styling and effort.

Pompadour hairstyle

It resembles quiff style with short faded sides and long hair on top being chief features. Comb, blow dryer and strong hair product is needed to create pompadour hairstyle.

Mohawk and Faux Hawk hairstyle

These are rebellious hairstyles that remind guys of their most favorite rockers. These styles involve shaved sides and moderate transitions between top hairs.

Comb over hairstyle

Comb over haircut is a cool option for those who want a modern or classic look. This style involves low faded to undercut sides with long hair on the top.

Short hairstyles

Butch out

In this style, various dimensions of top hair are cut.

Crew cut

It is also called G.I. haircut. In this style, the hair is cut gradually with the longest length at the front and shortest at the back. The side hair is usually tapered medium, short, or semi-short.


In this style, the top hair is cut like a flat plane giving an appearance of flat-top.

Pixie cut

It is a short haircut in women with the presence or absence of shaggy bangs.


A long version of Bob is a Pageboy cut. It involves shoulder-length hair with bangs on the forehead.


It is a special type of bun, which is tied smoothly at the neck base.

Crown braid

It is typical Ukrainian style. In this style, the head is wrapped around by a single braid.


Long hairstyles


It is a long hairstyle in which backcombing is done in a way that the resulting style resembles a hive of a bee.


It is a natural African hairstyle that is grown without using any straightener or curler. Women comb their hair with afro picks.



Big hair

This style name is given to any hairstyle having large volume and which is blown out into a larger size.

Blow out

It is a hairstyle for women with long hair in which hair is blown dry entirely.

French braid

It involves the backward braiding of long hair.

French twist

It is the hairstyle in which hair at the back of the head is twisted into a bun shape.



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